Natural Hairline

How is a natural hairline created?

Some of the key points to creating a natural hairline include the following:

  • Orienting the grafts in the same direction as the native hair.
  • Utilizing only one haired follicular units in the frontal hairline area.
  • Using finer hairs in the anterior (frontal) most hairline.
  • Choosing a density that appears natural. Dr. Keene will help you make choices based on the extent of your hair loss, available donor, and personal preferences.
  • Placing the frontal hairline appropriately. There are not set formulas that apply. Dr. Keene will draw in a suggested hair line based on her experience with what is natural, and you can approve it or adjust it if you prefer to be more conservative.
  • Creating a nonlinear frontal hairline. If you look closely at anyone’s hairline, you will see that that it is actually irregular in most cases. Rather than a line, it undulates, and peaks. (But even this “rule is variable -Dr. Keene has seen shaved hairlines on a full head of hair in both women and men that show very little irregularity. Variations in preferences and natural characteristics are considered when doctor Keene fills in your new hairline.)