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Surgical Hair Transplants in AZ

State of the Art Surgical Hair Transplants

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"Sudden Transformation"

For many men and women, baldness just had to be accepted as a normal part of life. Thanks to the latest hair transplant surgical techniques, you can have your natural hair back - PERMANENTLY.

At Physician's Hair Institute, Dr. Keene has helped pioneer the most advanced hair transplant techniques anywhere. Ultra refined incisional follicular unit grafting with techniques designed to mimic hairs natural appearance is a breakthrough that offers a truly natural look in hair transplants.

Dr. Keene works together with each patient by redistributing the existing hair using a hair transplant technique that recreates nature, rather than replacing it with an unnatural alternative.

Creating a natural hairline is one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplant. Our ability to create naturalness has dramatically increased in recent years due to the development of more refined follicular unit techniques.

The "degree" of naturalness expected by patients has also increased along with our abilities. Today, patients expect an undetectable hairline that can stand on its own after one session; they will no longer tolerate an embarrassing grafty phase.

This high "degree" of naturalness can be achieved using the techniques and methods of utra refined incisional follicular unit hair transplants, described in this web site.

Click on Surgical techniques for detailed explanations of the state of the art hair transplant techniques utilized by Dr. Keene and her experienced medical staff at Physician's Hair Institute.

Surgical Hair Transplants in AZ

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