Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal with Laser Light

At Physician’s Hair Institute, we offer treatments that are safe for all skin types. The 1064 Nd Yag offers effective results while maintaining the normal appearance of the skin. The 1064 ND yag laser offers excellent results and with the widest range of skin tones. The laser beam penetrates your skin and is absorbed in the hair follicle residing under the skin surface. The laser energy destroys the follicle with the heat that it generates.

Unlike electrolysis, which requires a needle to be inserted into each hair follicle, this laser system can be used to quickly treat large areas of the body. It is a safe and gentle method for removing unwanted hair without skin irritation, discoloration, or inflammation associated with other lasers or hair removal methods. The laser we use at Physician’s Hair Institute is superior to IPL if you have a tan, or are a darker skin type, in terms of safety. The 1064 ND Yag Laser is able to target pigment in the hair follicle while avoiding targeting the surface of the skin. However, we do not recommend laser treatments for the darkest skin type.

What can I expect during the treatment?

To reduce discomfort, our laser includes a cooling system that automatically removes heat form the surface of your skin throughout the procedure, before, during, and after the laser exposure. This superior design eliminates the need for cryogenic sprays. We also offer a topical anesthetic cream that numbs the surface of the skin for sensitive areas.

How many treatments will be needed?

The number of treatments required to obtain optimal results varies with hair density, hair color, skin types, the treatment area and your hair growth cycle. The density of your hair and its growth cycle are affected by many things, such as your age, ethnic background, hormones or medications. Laser treatments impair the growth capacity of hair follicles when they are in the a growth cycle at the the time of treatment. All hair follicles are not active at the same time. Depending upon the growth cycle of the follicles when the treatment is applied, several treatments with a 4-8 weeks in between will typically be required to obtain the desired effect. Clinical studies indicate that after 5 treatments, there is a about an 80% reduction in hair growth. However, additional treatments may be recommended based on your personal hair characteristics and preferences.