Megasessions today consist of 3000 to 5000 grafts.

We will do up to 3000 grafts in a one day hair transplant, or more in the consecutive day hair transplant surgery. With the consecutive day hair transplant surgery technique, results can be achieved faster than ever, while maintaining the same hands on professional quality of service on which Dr. Keene has built her reputation.

Dividing the surgery into two days keeps the pace comfortable, and the time in the surgical chair limited, providing comfort and safety to you. Moreover, it allows the doctor to continue her personal hands on approach, including placing most of the grafts herself. Dr. Keene’s skilled medical staff will assist, but she will actively participate in every aspect, including graft placement.

In addition to improved cosmetic results from Hair Transplant Megasessions, recovery time is about the same whether the session is performed in one or two days. The consecutive day megasession provides fast results, while maintaining the quality Dr. Keene has provided and refined for over over 15 years.

The donor strip is removed from one side of the head on day 1, and from the other side on day 2. The strip appears as one contiguous line, but the closure from day 1 remains, and the strip is taken out starting directly next to it.

The patient below had the consecutive day megasession. Density was concentrated more in the frontal area.

How has the hair transplant megasession definition changed?

In the 90’s, when Dr. Keene first began performing the megasession utilizing micrografts, 1000 grafts was considered a state of the art megasession. At the beginning of the new millennium, 1500 to 2000 follicular unit grafts was a typical megasession. Today, one day megasessions are often 3000-5000 grafts. Utilizing the consecutive day megasession technique on patients with sufficient donor to provide up to 4000 to 5000 grafts, depending on scalp laxity and donor availability, you can have the ultra refined results for which Dr. Keene is known.

Am I a candidate for the consecutive day surgery?

The number of grafts Dr. Keene will recommend for your hair transplant depends on the extent of your hairloss, density, available donor, scalp laxity, and personal preferences.More grafts are required to cover larger areas, or to achieve greater density in smaller areas. The megasession delivers coverage for larger areas of hairloss, or more density for smaller areas, with undetectable cosmetic results, based on donor availability. Not every one is a good candidate for large megassessions. Previous surgeries or genetic factors may limit your donor availability. Or you may have a preference for a more conservative approach. To discuss your options and find out if you are a candidate, call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Keene at 800-840-9761, or locally in Tucson at 290-5555.