Get the best of both worlds with a combination hair transplant

Physician’s Hair Institute Scottdale & Tucson, AZ offers Combined FUT and FUT to give you the best hair transplant results.

Combined FUT and FUE

To safely achieve maximal numbers of grafts utilizing donor hair from where it is genetically permanent (in AGA), a combination of both FUT and FUE donor removal is optimal. Dr. Keene can utilize the linear excision to the extent she considers safe for closure, then take additional grafts using the FUE method of donor removal.
This combination technique can also be utilized to limit the linear excision to specific areas. For example, if you know you can’t limit your exercise to avoid stretching the back of your head, but want to take advantage of aspects of the FUT procedure that allow more grafts in a single session, Dr. Keene can focus the FUT excision to focus on areas that are less likely to stretch and use the FUE method to obtain the remaining grafts.

What Are the Advantages of Combined FUT and FUE Hair Transplant?

Combining Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) in a single hair transplant plan offers many benefits. This combined approach maximizes the number of grafts harvested, making it ideal for patients requiring extensive coverage. FUT allows for a large number of grafts to be obtained in one session, and FUE can complement this by filling in or enhancing other areas with more precision, especially where a finer touch is needed or in regions where scarring needs to be minimized.

This hybrid hair transplant method takes advantage of the strengths of both techniques, offering a comprehensive solution that can be customized to your specific hair loss pattern and aesthetic goals. Moreover, by combining both methods, patients can achieve more natural-looking results, as the surgeon has a wider array of options to design a well-distributed, dense hair pattern. The combined approach also provides a strategic way to preserve the donor area, minimizing overall scarring by strategically choosing where to apply each method.

Is Combined FUT and FUE the Right One For You?

Determining if the combined FUT and FUE procedure is right for you depends on your specific hair loss situation and restoration goals. If you’re seeking significant coverage and also desire precise enhancements or have a specific area where minimal scarring is crucial, this hybrid approach could be ideal. It’s particularly suitable for those who need a large number of grafts but also wish to achieve a natural, refined look, blending volume with detail.
Ultimately, talking to an experienced hair transplant surgeon like Dr. Keene is the best step to take. She can assess your hair loss pattern, scalp health, and donor hair availability. This will also allow Dr. Keene to provide you with personalized advice on whether the combination FUT and FUE method aligns with your aesthetic goals and unique needs.

Combined FUT & FUE Before & After Results

Frequently Asked Questions About Combined FUT & FUE

The duration varies, but it can take several hours depending on the extent of the transplant and the number of grafts being moved.
Yes, the results are permanent as the transplanted hair follicles are genetically resistant to balding.
Recovery time can vary; patients often return to normal activities within a few days, but full healing and hair growth can take several months to a year.
Costs can vary widely based on your location, the extent of your hair loss, the number of hair grafts you’ll need, and your surgeon’s expertise, but it’s generally higher than opting for just one of the methods due to the complexity and length of the procedure. This may seem like an upfront investment, but the results are worth it.
Common side effects include temporary swelling, bruising, numbness, or discomfort at the transplant sites, similar to those associated with individual FUT or FUE procedures. It’s important to follow the post-surgery instructions provided by your surgeon to get the best results.