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Hair Transplant in Tucson with FUE’s for Natural, Permanent Hair

With Dr. Keene’s leadership, Physician’s Hair Institute delivers one of the best FUE hair transplant results in the Scottsdale and Tucson, Arizona areas.

What is Follicular Unit Extraction?

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a method in which each graft is individually extracted through a small, biopsy-like incision. While this process does leave tiny dots where the grafts are taken, they are typically inconspicuous, even when sporting very short hairstyles, like a #1 blade length.

Factors such as hair and skin color can also influence their visibility. While no hair removal procedure is entirely scarless, FUE scars are so minuscule that they often go unnoticed, even with shorter haircuts.

FUE Advantages

1. Minimal discomfort during the healing phase.

Many patients who undergo FUE hair transplant procedures report experiencing minimal discomfort during the healing phase. This is due to the small size of the incisions made during the extraction process. The tiny, individual incisions typically heal more quickly and cause less postoperative discomfort compared to larger incisions made in other methods.

2. Expanded donor graft availability.

In cases where individuals have previously undergone hair transplant procedures that used linear excisions (commonly referred to as Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT), there may be limited donor hair available in the traditional donor strip area. FUE offers an innovative solution by allowing surgeons to harvest additional grafts from different areas of the donor site, including the sides and back of the head. This expanded donor pool can be especially beneficial for patients who require more grafts to achieve their desired hair density.

3. Scar revision and shorter hairstyles.

FUE is versatile in its ability to revise scars left by prior FUT procedures. By carefully extracting grafts and placing them strategically within the scar tissue, FUE can effectively camouflage and improve the appearance of old scars. This gives patients the freedom to wear shorter hairstyles without feeling self-conscious about visible scars, providing a significant boost in confidence.

4. Reduced visible scarring.

Although FUE does leave tiny dot-like scars in the donor area, these scars are typically less conspicuous compared to the linear scar left by FUT. The small, scattered nature of FUE scars means that they are often easily hidden within the remaining hair, even with shorter hairstyles. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who prefer to maintain a shorter haircut or those who want the flexibility to style their hair in various ways.

FUE Disadvantages

1. Higher cost.

FUE tends to be more expensive than other hair transplant methods, primarily due to the time-consuming nature of extracting individual grafts. The meticulous process can increase the overall cost of the procedure.

2. Limited graft numbers in a single session.

FUE may have limitations when it comes to the number of grafts that can be harvested in a single session. This can be a drawback for individuals requiring extensive coverage, as multiple sessions may be necessary.

3. Longer procedure time.

FUE procedures typically take longer to complete compared to other methods like Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The extended duration can lead to more significant fatigue for both the patient and the medical team.

4. Requires shaving the donor area.

To perform FUE effectively, the donor area often needs to be shaved or trimmed very short. This can be a concern for individuals who prefer longer hairstyles and want to conceal the donor area during the healing process.

How Dr. Keene Ensures Natural-Looking FUE Results

There’s only one way to judge a hair transplant surgeon’s skill – his results. To deliver the most natural-looking results, Dr. Keene does more than just harvesting and transplanting the hair grafts to the recipient areas.

1. Personalized approach.

Dr. Keene employs a personalized approach to ensure natural-looking results. She initiates the process by conducting a thorough assessment of each patient, taking into account their unique hair loss pattern, hair characteristics, and expectations.

Effective communication plays a crucial role in this phase, allowing Dr. Keene to fully understand your goals and provide guidance that aligns with reality. Subsequently, Dr. Keene tailors a treatment plan that suits every patient, considering factors such as age, gender, and facial features.

2. Precision in graft selection and placement.

Dr. Keene meticulously selects grafts from the donor area, taking into account your hair type, texture, and growth direction. During graft placement in the recipient area, Dr. Keene aims to mimic natural growth patterns and density, paying attention to even the tiniest details. This precision ensures that the transplanted hair seamlessly integrates with your existing hair, eliminating any artificial or “pluggy” appearance.

3. Meticulous graft preparation.

Dr. Keene conducts graft preparation with the highest care and precision possible. She employs specialized techniques depending on your hair transplant plan to handle and store grafts safely until they are ready for placement. This meticulous graft preparation is vital for ensuring the grafts’ integrity and vitality during the transplantation process, leading to successful and natural hair growth.

4. Scar minimization.

Regardless of the hair transplant technique employed, scar minimization is a priority for Dr. Keene. For Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), she uses careful closure techniques to create minimal scarring. In the case of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), tiny, discreet scars are created, easily concealed within the remaining hair. This approach allows you to confidently wear shorter hairstyles without concern about visible scars.

Why Choose Dr. Keene?

A hair transplant requires more than just surgical skill, it also requires artistry. So your hair transplant results depend on the skill, experience, and artistry of your hair transplant surgeon. In other words, the quality of your results will depend on who your surgeon is.

Dr. Keene is a trusted partner in her patients’ hair restoration journey. Countless testimonials highlight her clinical prowess and patient-centric approach. Her affiliations with top medical societies, like the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, and her continuous engagement with the latest in hair restoration research underscore her commitment to excellence.

To consult Dr. Keene and take the first step towards restoring your hair, you can reach out to either location at 1-800-840-9761 or 520-290-5555. She serves patients in and around Tucson and Scottsdale, Arizona, including Phoenix, Chandler, Lake Havasu, Mesa, and Gilbert, AZ