Dr. Keene in Several Published Articles

Dr. Keene has lectured and written on the subject of hair transplant surgery and advanced techniques in hair transplant surgery. She has published articles in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, the Hair Transplant Forum, Surgery and the text book Hair Transplantation 4th Ed, 2004.

Along with her colleagues at Shapiro Medical Group, Dr. Keene demonstrated the follicular unit technique to fellow hair transplant doctors for many years. Dr. Keene performs state of the art follicular transplantation and is recognized by her peers as a leader in the field. This is not only for her medical expertise, but for her active role in educating fellow physicians (as well as patients) in the most recent and welcome innovations in hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Keene does regular research, publishes in medical journals, presents research findings and techniques at medical conferences, and is a vocal advocate for continued innovation in the field of hair restoration.

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