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Aesthetic Laser Treatments at Physicians Hair Institute

We continue to offer effective, noninvasive laser treatments for skin rejuvenation, including eliminating or diminishing hyperpigmentation like age spots and freckles, or any skin discoloration (birth marks, freckles, ets), including treatment of rosacea. We can target the discoloration on the surface of the skin, and stimulate collagen regrowth with laser light. It is also very effective at eliminating, or diminishing, spider veins on the legs (or wherever present) and telangiectasia on the face, up to 5 mm from side to side. For the spider vein and hyper pigmentation laser treatment, we are discounting our normal rate of $300 per 30-minute session, with a sizzling price of only $150 in single 30-minute session. Here is a link for further details about laser treatments at PHI