Dr. KeeneDr. Sharon A. Keene, president and medical director of Physician’s Hair Institute, is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in the hair transplant field. She utilized and described to her patients the hair groupings, now called follicular unit grafts, long before the term was coined. Likewise, Dr. Keene utilized both longitudinal and lateral slits, depending on the location of the recipient area, since the early 1990’s. She embraces innovation and continues to strive for refinements in hair transplants. She currently offers both the strip technique and the FUE donor removal technique.

Her refusal to perform a hair transplant procedure that looked unnatural resulted in the stellar reputation she has today. She didn’t just learn today’s hair transplant techniques, she helped to pioneer them. She currently utilizes the ultra refined follicular unit hair transplant technique with custom cut blades customized to fit the graft size. She also knows when to utilize double follicular unit grafts to the benefit of the patient. Dr. Keene is especially noted for her aesthetic ability in creating completely natural, undetectable hairlines in the hair transplant industry. Moreover, Dr. Keene is at the forefront in advances for combating hair loss early.

Dr. Keene has lectured and written on the subject of hair transplant surgery and advanced techniques in hair transplant surgery. She has published articles in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, the Hair Transplant Forum, Surgery and the text book Hair Transplantation 4th Ed, 2004. Along with her colleagues at Shapiro Medical Group, Dr. Keene demonstrated the follicular unit technique to fellow hair transplant doctors for many years. Dr. Keene performs state of the art follicular transplantation and is recognized by her peers as a leader in the field. This is not only for her medical expertise, but for her active role in educating fellow physicians (as well as patients) in the most recent and welcome innovations in hair transplantation surgery. Dr. Keene does regular research, publishes in medical journals, presents research findings and techniques at medical conferences, and is a vocal advocate for continued innovation in the field of hair restoration.

Recognized for her skill, technique, and integrity, Dr. Keene has received numerous honors from fellow hair transplant doctors in recognition of her contributions to the hair transplant field.

Dr. Keene was President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery from 9/15/2014 through 9/15/2015, and continues to play an active role in the Board of Governors for that organization.

Since 2014 she has been involved in a clinical study to develop a test that will help determine who Minoxidil will work for based on genetics.

Since 2012 Dr. Keene has been member of the board of governors for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons (ISHRS). The ISHRS consists of around 850 doctors internationally, and only about 15 doctors are part of the board of governors. Being a member of this group is an honor.

At the 2011 annual ISHRS Scientific Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska, she lectured on FUE and tattooing to revise widened strip donor scars, as well as genetics of hair loss and anti androgen therapy in women.

Dr. Keene served as faculty at the 2010 ISHRS meeting in Boston, MA, USA, for the 2009 ISHRS meeting in Amsterdam, and the 2008 ISHRS meeting in Quebec, Canada.

She was appointed to the the evidence based task force of the ISHRS in 2008. The goal of this committee is to promote evidence based research in hair restoration surgery

In 2007, Dr. Keene was given the honor of serving as the program chair for the 15th annual scientific meeting of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons. This means she was in charge of organizing the meeting, inviting the presenters, contributing to, and approving the content by the faculty.

Dr. Keene was appointed to the continuing medical education (CME) committee of the ISHRS in 2006, as well as serving as the surgical assistants executive committee.

She was invited faculty for the 2005 ISHRS meeting in Sydney, Australia where she gave 7 lectures on her techniques.

Dr. Keene was also invited faculty to the 2005 Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons conference in Modena, Italy. She was awarded the Ghirlandina award for her contributions to hair restoration. The tower of Ghirlandina in Italy is recognized as a world heritage site, part of the heritage of man. It was built in 1099 as the bell tower to a cathedral that gave rise to a new style of architecture. Its beauty and originality are renowned.

She served as faculty at the 2004 International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons conference in Vancouver, Canada, where she was awarded a certificate for outstanding contribution in co-directing the basics in hair restoration workshop.

She served as faculty at the 2004 Italian Society of Hair Restorations conference in Torino, Italy, where she was awarded a plaque for Peaks in Hair Restoration.

She was faculty for the 2003 Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Rome, Italy, where she lectured on improving the efficiency of mega-sessions and video magnification. She was also awarded the Mouth of Truth award for ethics in hair restoration. The story behind the mouth of truth is that if you put your hand in its mouth and utter a lie, your hand will be bitten off.

In 2003 Dr. Keene also served as faculty at the European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons conference in Berlin, Germany, and was awarded a certificate for serving as a member of the world renowned faculty.

She served as faculty at the 2003 ISHRS meeting in Orlando, FL, where she lectured on surgical instrumentation.

Dr. Keene lectured on innovative surgical technique and hair loss in women at the 2002 Italian Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons meeting in Florence, Italy. She was awarded the Michelangelo award in Hair Transplant Surgery for her contributions.

She also served as faculty at the 2002 European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons in London, UK, where she demonstrated the mega-session technique using the multi recipient site scalpel which she designed, and was awarded a certificate of appreciation for demonstrating her techniques.

At the 2001 European Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons meeting in Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Keene lectured on the Advantages in the use of the multi recipient site scalpel (her design) and gave the key note address on State of the Art Medical Therapy of Androgenetic Alopecia in Men and Women.

At the 2001 ISHRS conference in Syracuse, Italy, Dr. Keene lectured on predicting density with follicular unit grafts, and presented her innovative scalpel. She was awarded the International Archimedes award for Hair Restortion Surgery.

At the 2001 World Hair Society Conference, in Florida, USA, she lectured on Improving Visualization to Dissect White/Gray Hair

Dr. Keene was featured as Surgeon of the Month in the July 2001 issue of the Hair Transplant Forum.

At the 2000 ISHRS meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, she lectured on Estimating Graft Numbers to Achieve Density with Follicular Units and Improving the Visualization of Dissection in White/Gray Hairs.

In 2000 Dr. Keene served as faculty at the ISHRS meeting in Hawaii, USA where she lectured on “Patient Education during Consultation” and first presented the multi recipient site scalpel for improving efficiency in mega-sessions.

In 1999 Dr. Keene was an instructor in the surgical workshop beginners’ course at the ISHRS meeting held in San Francisco, CA, USA.

In 1999 Dr. Keene assisted in the live surgical workshop for the ISHRS in Paris, France demonstrating Follicular Unit Grafting.

Since 1994 to the present, Dr. Keene has attended and assisted in the surgical instruction and presentation of follicular unit grafting at the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Conferences.

Dr. Keene has served as a consulting expert in reviewing cases involving hair restoration surgery for the AZ Board of Medical Examiners in 1999, 2000, 2004, 2005 and 2010.

She is considered one of the foremost doctors in the hair restoration field for her many contributions in improving the procedure, educating other doctors to adapt the most advanced and proven techniques and treatments, and educating patients that today’s patients can receive a truly natural, and aesthetically pleasing result from hair restoration surgery.

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