How do you close up the hair transplant at your clinics in Tucson and Scottsdale Arizona We are often asked: “How do you close up the transplant area?” As a board certified general surgeon, Dr. Keene utilized a double suture closure (internal and external) for many types of surgeries. She felt that this type of closure would be best in hair transplant surgery as well. This consists of an internal layer of dissolvable suture, which is the strength layer of the closure, and an external layer on the skin of nylon suture. This can be removed in only 5-7 days, making it much more comfortable for patients.

A single layer closure, that others often use, often requires 10-14 days, and the suture becomes irritating to the skin, causing an annoying inflammatory reaction. When this happens, the result can be the “railroad track” scarring where the nylon leaves a visible white vertical scar across the linear horizontal one.

An internal layer can also help prevent broadening of the incision, especially for large mega sessions when the closure can result in more tension on the skin. The absorbable suture remains for several weeks to allow the wound to gain strength, and the result can be a finer closure.

The double closure typically results in a virtually undetectable linear scar that is completely covered by hair in the donor area, and is typically very difficult to find after it is completely healed.

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