Tom H Testimonial

Before Hair Loss and Hair Thinning​ Tucson Testimonial Hair Loss


After 4800 grafts, 900 to crown Hair Loss and Hair Thinning​ Tucson Testimonial Hair Loss

After 4800 grafts, 900 to crown

3900 to frontal area Hair Loss and Hair Thinning​ Tucson Testimonial Hair Loss

3900 to frontal area

Tom is a firefighter in Denver who was featured as bachelor of the year, and in the fire station's calendar, prior to his recent wedding. He is the first patient featured in our gallery. He answered the question "What were some of the benefits you saw from your hair transplants?" as follows:

Probably the most obvious benefit from hair transplants was an increase in self-confidence. It was really nice to wake up each morning looking at my own hair again. It was quite difficult to keep from staring into the mirror!

Probably the most unexpected benefit was the positive comments from friends and family as to how good I looked, and how young I look. I had numerous friends, and people I really didn’t know that well, comment on how young they thought I was.

I am now 37 years old and most people guess my age at 29 or 30!

Before my transplant I wore a hair replacement. I was always subconsciously wondering what people were thinking or saying about my hair, and if they could tell I was wearing fake hair. I never let anyone get close to my head for fear they may detect the hair on my head was fake. Now I don’t care, they can get as close as they want.

Dr. Keene was able to give me a very natural and soft looking frontline of hair that is absolutely undetectable to my friends or family. Those people who know I had a transplant done have been amazed at how natural it looked. Many of the same people and friends that commented to me about their amazement either heard of horror stories or actually knew someone who had one done that was not as natural.

The hair has been permanent with no loss and no signs of breakage, which was a real concern of mine, since being a professional fire fighter, my hair can be subjected to all types of extreme conditions from freezing to extreme heat. The use of protective gear, and the helmet being used continuously, can even put unusual wear on anyone’s hair.

I could never be happier with the way my hair looks now.

Tom H.

Denver, CO