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Dr. Sharon Keene featured on Tucson television

http://hairrestore.com/ Dr. Sharon Keene was featured as surgeon of the month in the July 2001 issue of The Hair Transplant Forum. Locally in Tucson, AZ, she is recognized as an expert in the hair transplant industry. She has also been consulted, and featured, in Tucson television news programs and articles about hair restoration surgery. Many…
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Dr. Sharon Keene’s state of the art hair transplant techniques

http://hairrestore.com/ Dr. Sharon Keene explains that people should Educate themselves on the latest state of the art hair transplant techniques. Make an informed decision.  State of the art hair transplant techniques combined with an artistic touch give you a natural looking hairline. Dr. Keene will evaluate your individual hair transplant needs. Call for a free…
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