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Hair Transplant Scottsdale Testimonial for Hair Loss Before


Hair Transplant Scottsdale Testimonial for Hair Loss After 1042 grafts

After 1042 grafts


Dear Dr. Keene,

I am taking this opportunity to tell you how very pleased I am with my recent hair transplant surgery. For many years I was bothered by my hair falling out and thinning. By the time I was 28 years old, I had quite a receding hairline. It bothered me enough to try to seek some sort of remedy.

At first, I went to a hair specialist and had some hairpieces made. The glue was bothersome, and I always felt as though everyone could tell it was a wig (which I’m sure they did). I couldn’t go out in the wind, do sports, or go swimming with this wealth of hair on top of my head.

My next adventure was to try transplants. I had it done several times with a great deal of pain and bleeding. When all was finished, I had little clumps of hair around the top and back of my head and it was pretty obvious that I had had transplants. I was so discouraged that I gave up on trying anything else, and continued to always wear a hat to hide these transplants.

Years of dissatisfaction had gone by and my wife was well aware of how I felt. She took it upon herself to find you through a friend in New York and we made our first appointment with you.

My first thoughts were not to bother with this problem again. I was much older and it was, what I considered, somewhat expensive. I also felt that I was being vain in thinking about this at my age. My wife encouraged me to go ahead with the surgery and I agreed to have 1500 transplants done.

Although I spent a full day at your clinic, I experienced neither discomfort nor pain. Healing was quite rapid and the hardest part was waiting six months to see any growth. I can’t begin to tell you how different I feel about myself. I feel I can go without wearing a hat, the old transplant clumps are all blended in and when I comb my hair, I feel like there is something there.

…Thank you Dr. Keene. Your recommendation from others is not exaggerated. You really are a WHIZ.