EH Testimonial

Hair Restoration Arizona Testimonial Before 1182 Grafts


Hair Restoration Arizona Testimonial After 1182 Grafts

After 1182 grafts

February 10, 1998

Dear Dr. Keene,

I just wanted to take a moment to write you this letter and let you know how grateful I am to you and your staff. As this year came to an end I reflected back and realized what a great year it has been for me. I can attribute so much of how I feel to the procedure I had performed at your office only 12 short months ago.

During the last year, I saw the surgery take root and my hair grow back. What a great change it was to actually look forward to looking in the mirror each day and finding NEW HAIR! In less than six months my looks and attitude have done a 180 degree turn around. My self confidence has grown incredibly and I am now more comfortable with my looks.

I used to avoid cameras, mirrors, meeting new people, and always grabbed a hat as I walked out the door. Now I never wear a hat and look forward to going out. I feel like a new man, like I’m 21 again. My dating has increased by leaps and bounds also. That alone has made it worth it! The “Bald” jokes have gone away, and I even feel like people accept me more.

The last year has been filled with comments from people telling me I look great and saying things like “what’s different about you?” and “HEY YOUR HAIR IS GROWING BACK!”

Well, I’ll admit I told them a little white lie and said that “it must be Rogaine.” I never fessed up that it was actually a Hair Transplant that’s REALLY responsible for all of my new hair… and that’s the best part. NO ONE, not my friends, family, or even coworkers have guessed or been able to tell that I have had surgery to bring back my hair. As you know, the MOST important thing of all for me was for it to look natural. Even when I look in the mirror I forget I have had surgery. For years I knew I needed a transplant but was not satisfied with the quality of what was being done. I saw a lot of bad transplant out there and those scared me. Once I saw the results of your patients, I knew this was what I had been waiting for. I’m glad I waited until I discovered you and your procedure. It made all the difference to me and every day I reap the rewards from a fantastic procedure. My life has really taken a great change for the better!

Thanks again, Dr. Keene, for your professionalism, skill, and your procedure. I look forward to my next procedure. Feel free to share this letter with any of your prospective clients who might be on the fence as I was.