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Scalp Micropigmentation Is a Life-Changing Nonsurgical Solution for Chemo Hair Loss

Chemotherapy is a life-saving treatment for cancer patients. However, it’s not free from side effects. Besides fatigue, pain, and morning sickness, chemotherapy causes hair loss and this can badly affect one’s self-confidence. 

Chemo Hair Loss: Why It Happens

Chemotherapy drugs work by interrupting rapidly dividing cells, targeting not only cancer cells but also healthy ones including hair follicles. This causes hair to fall out not just from the scalp but also from other parts of the body including the eyelashes, eyebrows, armpits, and pubic area. 

Not all cancer treatments cause hair loss, and the severity depends on the medication and the intensity of the chemo. It can either cause total, partial, or no hair loss at all, depending on the treatment or the specific mix of drugs used in the treatment. Hair naturally grows back once the treatment is completed, but hair loss can stay for months or even years, which can take away one’s happiness. 

At the Physician’s Hair Institute, we love seeing our patients rebuild their confidence after their chemo treatment through scalp micropigmentation hair restoration. 

Scalp Micropigmentation for Chemotherapy Hair Loss

While hair loss sufferers typically turn to hair transplant surgery as a permanent hair loss solution, hair transplant requires a lot of commitment and daily attention from patients. SMP, on the other hand, is noninvasive and does not require a long recovery time, making it ideal for patients who aren’t ready for hair transplants and are looking for nonsurgical alternatives.  

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is a hair restoration technique that replicates the appearance of thicker, fuller hair without surgery. The advantage of SMP is it provides immediate yet long-lasting results with minimal downtime and lower costs. 

At the Physician’s Hair Institute, we can use scalp micropigmentation to restore your hairline, create depth and density, conceal scars from your hair transplant surgery, or perform a total SMP for a freshly shaved look! 

To perform SMP,  our technicians at Physician’s Hair Institute will use a specialized device for SMP to add tiny dots that replicate the appearance of natural hair follicles. The results of SMP can look both remarkably natural when performed by a skilled technician like our technicians at PHI.

SMP Does Not Only Treat Hair Loss, It Also Rebuilds Confidence

The best thing about scalp micropigmentation is it not only treats hair loss but also rebuilds the confidence of hair loss sufferers due to chemotherapy. Generally, we recommend that you wait until your chemotherapy sessions are complete before getting a scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Scalp micropigmentation is completely safe but it’s still best that you consult with your physician before getting the treatment. Ready to reclaim your hair confidence? Call us to schedule a consultation with award-winning surgeon Dr. Keene and her friendly staff at Physician’s Hair Institute

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