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Eyebrow Restoration in Tucson and Scottsdale

If you have lost your eyebrows, you already know how important they are.

Most people take them for granted, but if you are one of the people who have lost your eyebrows, or have patchy growth in that area, you know how much eyebrows truly affect your overall appearance. Once you have over plucked them, they simply might not grow back. Burns and other injuries can affect them. Medical conditions can cause their loss or damage them. So what do you do about sparse looking eyebrows? We can help.

There is a way to regain thinning or lost eyebrows with real hair. We can take hair from your head, and create or enhance your existing eyebrows through incisional follicular unit grafting, the same technique Dr. Keene utilizes in hair restoration surgery. The procedure involves transplanting one haired grafts in the eyebrow area. Small, closely approximated incisions are made, slanted so that the angle of the hairs matches any existing eyebrow hairs. The angle is very acute relative to the skin, so that the hairs lie flat. Dr. Keene may angle different areas of the eyebrow differently. For example, the mid-section of the eyebrow’s hair often slants at a diagonal toward the eye. Dr. Keene’s aesthetic expertise in the creation of a natural hairline extends itself to the creation of eyebrows. Because the hair used is taken from scalp hair, it must be trimmed to maintain a normal length.

Dr. Keene will evaluate your eyebrows and your individual hair needs. Call for a free consultation today.
Dr. Sharon Keene has two Arizona Locations. One in Tucson at 3940 N Campbell Ave and the other in Paradise Valley at 5410 N Scottsdale Road in Suite E-200. You can reach either location to schedule an eyebrow restoration consultation with Dr. Keene by calling 1-800-840-9761 or 520-290-5555.