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Richard Strom

Please pass along to Dr. Keene how absolutely fantastic my results have been. I am so pleased with how well I was treated during the two day surgery and how wonderful my hair looks…I not only have had tons of compliments, but I am divorced and have been dating sooo much in the last 6-9 months..my hair is also very healthy and strong.


Letter from a local plastic surgeon to Dr. Keene regarding a mutual patient:

...He mentioned at the end that he had been referred by you, as you had done hair transplants on him. What I wanted to say is that they were so beautiful and natural, I could not even tell when I was close up that the hair transplants were not his own hair. You are truly the most magnificent, incredible hair transplant surgeon I have ever seen. Your work is not good but absolutely supreme, and as I have said many times before, we are so lucky and blessed to have you in our community being able to provide such outstanding work. I stand in awe of your techniques and results and hope that you are around for at least another 50 years. Thank you so much for your kind referral and the magnificent work you do.

"...I am amazed and so grateful! For the first time in 15 years I can drive in a convertible without a hat. Picking you as my hair surgeon was one of the greatest choices of my life. You should legally change your name from Dr Keene to Dr. Genius...You are a doctor, an artist, and one of the most accomplished professionals I have ever met."



Before Hair Loss and Hair Thinning​ Tucson Testimonial Hair Loss


After 4800 grafts, 900 to crown Hair Loss and Hair Thinning​ Tucson Testimonial Hair Loss

After 4800 grafts, 900 to crown

3900 to frontal area Hair Loss and Hair Thinning​ Tucson Testimonial Hair Loss

3900 to frontal area


Tom is a firefighter in Denver who was featured as bachelor of the year, and in the fire station's calendar, prior to his recent wedding. He is the first patient featured in our gallery. He answered the question "What were some of the benefits you saw from your hair transplants?" as follows:

Probably the most obvious benefit from hair transplants was an increase in self-confidence. It was really nice to wake up each morning looking at my own hair again. It was quite difficult to keep from staring into the mirror!

Probably the most unexpected benefit was the positive comments from friends and family as to how good I looked, and how young I look. I had numerous friends, and people I really didn’t know that well, comment on how young they thought I was.

I am now 37 years old and most people guess my age at 29 or 30!

Before my transplant I wore a hair replacement. I was always subconsciously wondering what people were thinking or saying about my hair, and if they could tell I was wearing fake hair. I never let anyone get close to my head for fear they may detect the hair on my head was fake. Now I don’t care, they can get as close as they want.

Dr. Keene was able to give me a very natural and soft looking frontline of hair that is absolutely undetectable to my friends or family. Those people who know I had a transplant done have been amazed at how natural it looked. Many of the same people and friends that commented to me about their amazement either heard of horror stories or actually knew someone who had one done that was not as natural.

The hair has been permanent with no loss and no signs of breakage, which was a real concern of mine, since being a professional fire fighter, my hair can be subjected to all types of extreme conditions from freezing to extreme heat. The use of protective gear, and the helmet being used continuously, can even put unusual wear on anyone’s hair.

I could never be happier with the way my hair looks now.

Tom H.


Hair Restoration Arizona Testimonial Before 1182 Grafts


Hair Restoration Arizona Testimonial After 1182 Grafts

After 1182 grafts


February 10, 1998

Dear Dr. Keene,

I just wanted to take a moment to write you this letter and let you know how grateful I am to you and your staff. As this year came to an end I reflected back and realized what a great year it has been for me. I can attribute so much of how I feel to the procedure I had performed at your office only 12 short months ago.

During the last year, I saw the surgery take root and my hair grow back. What a great change it was to actually look forward to looking in the mirror each day and finding NEW HAIR! In less than six months my looks and attitude have done a 180 degree turn around. My self confidence has grown incredibly and I am now more comfortable with my looks.

I used to avoid cameras, mirrors, meeting new people, and always grabbed a hat as I walked out the door. Now I never wear a hat and look forward to going out. I feel like a new man, like I’m 21 again. My dating has increased by leaps and bounds also. That alone has made it worth it! The “Bald” jokes have gone away, and I even feel like people accept me more.

The last year has been filled with comments from people telling me I look great and saying things like “what’s different about you?” and “HEY YOUR HAIR IS GROWING BACK!”

Well, I’ll admit I told them a little white lie and said that “it must be Rogaine.” I never fessed up that it was actually a Hair Transplant that’s REALLY responsible for all of my new hair… and that’s the best part. NO ONE, not my friends, family, or even coworkers have guessed or been able to tell that I have had surgery to bring back my hair. As you know, the MOST important thing of all for me was for it to look natural. Even when I look in the mirror I forget I have had surgery. For years I knew I needed a transplant but was not satisfied with the quality of what was being done. I saw a lot of bad transplant out there and those scared me. Once I saw the results of your patients, I knew this was what I had been waiting for. I’m glad I waited until I discovered you and your procedure. It made all the difference to me and every day I reap the rewards from a fantastic procedure. My life has really taken a great change for the better!

Thanks again, Dr. Keene, for your professionalism, skill, and your procedure. I look forward to my next procedure. Feel free to share this letter with any of your prospective clients who might be on the fence as I was.



Dear Dr. Keene,

I am taking this opportunity to tell you how very pleased I am with my recent hair transplant surgery. For many years I was bothered by my hair falling out and thinning. By the time I was 28 years old, I had quite a receding hairline. It bothered me enough to try to seek some sort of remedy.

At first, I went to a hair specialist and had some hairpieces made. The glue was bothersome, and I always felt as though everyone could tell it was a wig (which I’m sure they did). I couldn’t go out in the wind, do sports, or go swimming with this wealth of hair on top of my head.

My next adventure was to try transplants. I had it done several times with a great deal of pain and bleeding. When all was finished, I had little clumps of hair around the top and back of my head and it was pretty obvious that I had had transplants. I was so discouraged that I gave up on trying anything else, and continued to always wear a hat to hide these transplants.

Years of dissatisfaction had gone by and my wife was well aware of how I felt. She took it upon herself to find you through a friend in New York and we made our first appointment with you.

My first thoughts were not to bother with this problem again. I was much older and it was, what I considered, somewhat expensive. I also felt that I was being vain in thinking about this at my age. My wife encouraged me to go ahead with the surgery and I agreed to have 1500 transplants done.

Although I spent a full day at your clinic, I experienced neither discomfort nor pain. Healing was quite rapid and the hardest part was waiting six months to see any growth. I can’t begin to tell you how different I feel about myself. I feel I can go without wearing a hat, the old transplant clumps are all blended in and when I comb my hair, I feel like there is something there.

…Thank you Dr. Keene. Your recommendation from others is not exaggerated. You really are a WHIZ.



Before Hair Transplant

Before Hair Transplant

5 1/2 months after 2555 grafts

5 1/2 months after 2555 grafts


Dear Dr. Keene,

I wanted to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for me. I will never be able to express to you how happy I am with the results of my surgery. I can’t believe that a year has passed. I find it amazing to look at pictures and not recognize myself in them. I remember being apprehensive, and in fact I almost backed out the day of my surgery, what a mistake that would have been. It was such a simple procedure, and not one of the things that I was apprehensive about came true. I sure was one of your most skeptical patients. You made a believer out of me. This has changed my life and given me a new feeling of confidence.





Losing Hair Tucson Testimonial Scottsdale After 2456 Grafts

After 2456 grafts


Lew Harrison is an American who enjoys traveling, and was teaching in Germany. This is an excerpt from a letter he wrote to Dr. Keene. He is featured in the gallery as patient number 11.

…My sauna is up to temp and I am expecting a German female friend in a few minutes so will give you a break and end. Love the sauna life.

I have and will enjoy for years to come your artwork on my head. The hair still grows great and offers me a whole new personality. Each morning as I shower and shave, I think of how you have helped me. I also think of your assistant who fixed the beef sandwich on my first visit.

This has just been a snapshot of my life as a result of your effort. Thanks for all your help.

Lew Harrison


Hair Loss Clinic Tucson Arizona Hair Replacement Before


Hair Loss Clinic Tucson Arizona Hair Replacement After 1760 grafts

After 1760 grafts



Dear Dr. Keene,

I want thank you and your staff for your professionalism form the first time I called through today, over 2 years later. When I first came to your office you recommended Propecia, not surgery. After a year of the Propecia, I came to you asking for surgery. You took the time to explain the alternatives and show me the results of your past patients. You held true to your word. The results of my grafts are UNBELIEVABLE!

Within three months the grafts had blended in and look so natural my barber cannot tell the implants from my natural (receded) hairline. Now 6 months later, my grafts are almost the same length as the rest of my hair. I cannot RECOMMEND you and this procedure enough. Anyone concerned about your abilities or this procedure only has to compare my before and after pictures. Thank you for allowing me to feel my age of 33.

Rick R.


Hair Loss Scottsdale Testimonial Before 3070 Hair Grafts


Hair Loss Scottsdale Testimonial After 3070 Hair Grafts

After 3070 grafts



Dear Dr. Keene,

I had been going bald since I was 21 years old. It was very hard to deal with, as you well know. I tried hairpieces all the way to shaving my head. I finally decided the best way to hide my baldness was with a baseball cap. However, I could never hide the baldness from myself. I lost my confidence due to being bald.

I had lost all hope of ever having my hair back again. Then I found out about Physician’s Hair Institute, in Tucson, AZ. I met with Dr. Sharon Keene, who educated me on my options for treating my hair. It is my understanding that Dr. Keene is one of the pioneers of the micro grafting process that is being used today (now called follicular unit grafting). I feel very fortunate that her practice is in Tucson. Otherwise, knowing what I do today, I would fly to China to have Dr. Keene perform the surgery.

You would not recognize me if you had met me prior to having the hair surgeries vs. today. I have hair from the front hairline all the way back to the crown.

I have had a total of 4 surgeries and each surgery was the same. Great results with little or no pain. It took approximately 5 months for all of the hair to grow in. I was out of work for 2 days. To me it is not an invasive surgery. I was given shots to numb the donor area and the areas where the grafts were to be placed. The benefit far outweighs having the surgery. Believe me if it were painful I wouldn't have had 4 surgeries.

I would not hesitate to recommend hair surgery as long as the Dr. that is performing the surgery is of Dr. Sharon Keene's caliber. She is board certified and internationally respected for her abilities and ethics.

The hair surgery results have boosted my self-confidence and self-image. I have been told that I look 10 years younger. When I speak at conferences I am not concerned with what people are thinking about my bald head. They probably were thinking nothing of it but to me everyone was focusing on my looks (bald head) rather than the content of the lecture.

If the cost were twice as much I would do it all over again without hesitation.

Henry Godfrey


Hair Loss Scottsdale Hair Replacement Center Dr Keene Before


Hair Loss Scottsdale Hair Replacement Center Dr Keene After 1929 grafts

After 1929 grafts


May 3, 1995

I just wanted to thank you for the care you put forth into my transplants. Apparently your thoughtfulness and judgment have produced a very natural appearance. My decision to proceed with transplants from you was obviously the correct one. In no way is it possible to see I had surgery done, as you know, this was one of my biggest fears.

Here is a picture of myself, I hope you like it. Feel free to show it to others thinking about transplants.

Thank you again

Scott M.

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