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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Creating a Natural Hairline

Some of the key points to creating a natural hairline include orienting the grafts in the same direction as the native hair, utilizing only one haired follicular units in the frontal hairline area, using finer hairs in the anterior (frontal) most hairline, choosing a density that appears natural, creating a nonlinear frontal hairline, and placing…
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Dr. Keene in Several Published Articles

Dr. Keene has lectured and written on the subject of hair transplant surgery and advanced techniques in hair transplant surgery. She has published articles in the International Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, the Hair Transplant Forum, Surgery and the text book Hair Transplantation 4th Ed, 2004. (more…)
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The Emotional Effects of Hair Loss or Alopecia

Hair loss is agonizing and traumatic, and it does not discriminate. Some men and women have lost hair in their early twenties, while some leave this life with a full head of hair. It is important to remain sensitive to those suffering from alopecia, because living with it can take a toll on one’s emotions.…
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Hair Loss: Truth and Myths Revealed!

Five Myths on Hair Loss Answered. What advice are we getting from television ads, sitcoms, and friends? People often joke about losing hair from stress, styling, or age. It leaves us wondering, is there any truth behind this humor? We have looked at five common myths or jokes made about hair loss, to bring you…
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