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Dr. Keene introduced a new form of magnification for graft dissection.

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Dr. Keene has achieved worldwide recognition for her excellence in hair restoration surgery. She utilized and described to her patients the hair groupings now called follicular unit grafts long before the term was coined. Likewise, Dr. Keene utilized both longitudinal and lateral slits depending on the recipient site area since the early 1990’s.

intro_crownIn particular, lateral incisions are used on parts of the crown to create a layering effect, and whorl pattern.

Lateral incisions are also used for creating the appropriate angle in the side burn area.

Recently, other doctors have suggested the use of lateral incisions in the frontal area to take advantage of the splaying effect for 3 and 4 hair grafts, and Dr. Keene has adapted this technique where appropriate as well. However, it is important to note that many times 3 and 4 hair follicular bundles are already tethered like a bouquet of flowers by the skin, so they will not splay. Single, and most double hair follicular units, will appear the same whether they are placed in lateral or longitudinal incisions. The best use of these incisions is to match the direction and angulation of surrounding hair. Dr. Keene believes in utilizing the best type of technique for the individual variations of each patient, and does not adhere to a “cookie cutter technique where one pattern or direction is used for all patients.

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